As a company name shows, we unite three points of the electric electron, the machine, and computer software which is the foundation of present age industry, and are performing design and manufacture of more effective "control device" and "laborsaving equipment."

Our characteristic products are a design and manufacture of the measurement system for the large-sized jet engine used on Boeing 777,747,MD11 and on jet fighters, etc. Moreover, design and work of the various kinds "a custom-made item" covering industrial apparatus at large are carried out according to our clear technical power. In addition, it corresponds to this highly informative society demand positively with the state-of-the-art technology.

From now on, peculiarity is demonstrated with the technology acquired until now. Moreover, development of the brand-name goods of our company is furthered for competitive power strengthening. Furthermore, we make a challenge and an effort for much more development of a company.
Kokichi TOJO, President(C.E.O)
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